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Thur, Jan 19, 2017 Auction

Lane 1

Franchise F1-F199

Lane 2

Franchise F200 and up

Welcome to Lubbock Auto Auction

"The Thursday Auction"


Lubbock Auto Auction is the premier dealers-only auto auction serving Lubbock and the South Plains since 1946. We are proud to offer personalized service in a professional, modern environment for both buyer and seller to profit.

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Jan 19, 2017 - Dealer & Franchise Appreciation Sale.


Lane 3

GM Financial, Repos & Lease units

Lane 4

E's, D's, and all Non-Drivable 500's

*Final run order subject to change on day of sale

Our sale is every Thursday at 10:00am.

Below is the flyer for this week's sale - we hope to see you here!

Lubbock, TX


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Welcome to Lubbock Auto Auction

"The Thursday Auction"

Thur, Jan 19, Auction